NOTICE: A new website is in the process of being created. During this time, reports of basil downy mildew cannot be logged on line. If you have an occurrence to report, please send an e-mail to
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The reason the Basil Downy Mildew website was created is to:

1. provide a place where reports of occurrences can be logged and mapped.

2. share information about the disease and pathogen including identification, past occurrence and management.

Occurrence reports are very important for alerting others growing basil of where and when downy mildew is developing this year and in the past.  Before this web page was created reports were logged in GoogleDocs spreadsheets.   This information, plus details about occurrences from reporters, has added substantially to knowledge about basil downy mildew.  Historial records at this site are incomplete.  Click here to go to another website with  information about past occurrences.

To log a report,  go to the pull down menu under ‘Reports’ in banner above and select ‘Submit a Report’ (first option).

Photographs of symptoms at this web page were submitted by reporters to confirm downy mildew on their basil.

The following photographs taken by Jaime Spataro in Pennsylvania illustrate the characteristic symptoms of downy mildew in basil, which are yellowing of the upper leaf surface of diseased leaf tissue and powdery to fuzzy appearring sporulation on the underside of leaves that could be mistaken for dirt splashed up during a rain storm.


The following photograph was taken by Debby Gabrielson in Massachusetts.